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The Drowning (2016)


Starring: Julia Stiles, Josh Charles, Avan Jogia


THE DROWNING is a psychological thriller based on the novel Border Crossing by Booker Prize winning author Pat Barker. It tells the story of Tom Seymour, a forensic psychologist, who is haunted by his expert witness testimony that sent a young boy to prison for a chilling murder 12 years prior. When the boy, now a young man, reappears in Tom's life, Tom is drawn into a potentially destructive, soul-searching reinvestigation of the case. An erotic thriller with no let up in tension, The Drowning celebrates the genre with electrifying performances. Complex, riveting and unafraid to tread deep murky psychological waters, this is a story of shifting identities that will keep you guessing until the very end. ​

“Intriguing! A genuinely unsettling vision"  

                                  - Glenn Kenney, The NY Times

“Bringing her observational knack to the realm of genre, New York auteur Bette Gordon tackles matters of crime, guilt and redemption with a solid grasp of character and place."  

                                                             - Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter

“A new classic that redefines, with great intelligence, the erotic thrillers of the past with twenty-first century skill, and vision."

                                                             - Hilton Als, New York Magazine

“Superbly evocative filmmaking"  

                                                             - David Edelstein, New York Magazine

"The Drowning is a film of small, visceral pleasures - its ambiguity is absolutely delicious"                                                            - Andy Crump, Paste Magazine

“Tackles the weighty themes of voyeurism, altruism, and self-preservation artfully and inventively, subverting clichés and taking the genre in a resfreshing direction."  

                                                             - Jonathan Stevenson, Brooklyn Magazine

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